A headshot for actors, dancers & models is designed to get you an audition or casting call!

A great headshot can make a difference in getting a casting director interested in casting you for a given role. As they say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression! Your headshot needs to reflect your personality, how you fit into a role. Yes, it will also who how amazing you look. But, this isn’t a selfie or vanity piece.

Your headshot needs to do one thing and do it well – help get you work!

Having said that, there are some key differences between model and actor headshots. Model headshots, also called commercial headshots, typically focus on advertising. Actor headshots, also called theatrical headshots, are more about selling the actor.

I also work with dancers and other performers, who typically have a little more flexibility with their looks.

Commercial Headshots (Models)

Think about commercials on television. Then realize that commercial headshots are all about appealing to the advertising industry. Advertisers love warm, friendly, and trustworthy people to help sell their products. So, commercial headshots usually feature smiles. Think about Target commercials. You wouldn’t normally see actors frowning or looking too serious in these. Along with your great smile, we often find soft colors and flattering light that is void of shadows – or flat lighting.

Of course, not every commercial is bright and happy. Sure, there are other character types in commercials But, bright and smiley are usually what sells in terms of getting commercial work – regardless of the actual type or concept of the commercial in mind.

In terms of wardrobe, we often think about wearing a simple top, such as a blouse, a t-shirt, and with or without a jacket. Dark colors are usually avoided. White, bold pops of color, and even some simple patterned shirts can work well.

Theatrical Headshots (Actors)

A theatrical headshot tends to be the one most actors want if they’re looking to perform in film, a television series, or theater production.

In this case, we’re going to use your headshot to show off your type. Are you a guy next door? Business woman?  Doctor? Skateboarder? We’re going to create a style together that shows casting directors that you’re the perfect fit for the role.

Theatrical headshots tend to be a bit more emotive, going beyond your typical smile as in the commercial headshot. If we’re thinking about an action or adventure character type, we’ll look for intense, serious looks. Or, if you’re the tragic heroine or a character in a period piece, we’ll go for a sad, reflective look. For more comedic character types, we’l try to find a quirky look. And so on – you get the idea.

With theatrical headshots, you typically have more flexibility in terms of expression and wardrobe. Wardrobe and styling can aid in presenting the character type, so where possible we will make selections that complement what you’re going after. If you’re trying to play a character in a period piece, you may use a vintage top. You would not find that type of wardrobe choice for a commercial headshot.

Dancer & Performer Headshots

These are the creative, fun headshots where the sky is the limit.

Dancers will typically want to show movement and dance poses, emphasizing their flexibility and balance. We’ll typically have a full body shot along with other closer crops.

Other performers will include props or costumes as needed.  Together, we will creative something memorable.