A business headshot is designed to help your clients identify and relate to you. 

Your professional headshot should reflect your personality and business. Working with the tools of my trade – lighting, posing, cropping, backgrounds, bokeh, lens choice – we can create a portrait that defines a mood for your business. We aren’t just limited to a head and shoulders shot – it can be full body, or even 3/4, too.

What’s your style?  from professional and open, to free-spirited and creative, and everyone in between!

Where do you want this set? we can use a studio background or we can set up in your office or work place!

It all depends on the mood and feeling you want for your portrait.

I’d be happy to work with you and create a professional headshot for your resume, website, or online social media profiles (e.g LinkedIn, dating websites, etc.).

Schedule a headshot with me!