Branding photography goes beyond a simple headshot (although that is a part of it), and showcases your business to the world! Branding is more than highlighting the products you make or the services you offer (although that is part of it). Branding photography tells the personal story behind your business.

My passion is community storytelling, working with solopreneurs, artists, small-business and non-profit organizations to create images that help build your brand and online presence. I also work with organizations who are updating their websites to create professional images that showcase your mission and services in the community. Together, we co-create an emotional connection to your story.

Whether you are starting a new business, or are looking to refresh your online presence, I’d love to work with you to create a digital portfolio of images to use with your marketing, social media and website. These can include your storefront, office space, products, interactions with your clients, and more. For non-profits, we can also include special events and interactions with your donors. We will also include pictures of you and your team – including headshots and more candid individual or group photos.

In the past, I’ve worked with churches, social service organizations, comedians, magicians, musicians, and small retail businesses. I’ve also worked with performers, dancers and models who want more than just a couple headshots. We’ve put together a promotional portfolio that showcases their talent to the world.

I include a complementary consultation session, so we can discuss particular design elements important to conveying your personality and style. I often use a mood board on Pinterest that we can both populate to capture inspiration and inputs throughout the planning process so the final images capture you!