For me, photography is art.

My approach to portrait photography is to create wall art for your home. A framed print. A canvas wrap. A photo album. There are so many creative ways to display our own photos. When I see the 8×10 black and white of my grandfather’s family, or the family photo we took when my grandmother turned 80, I am reminded of who I am – and of fun times and important people in my life. That’s why C Todd Creates!

Of course, when you choose me as your family photographer, I do include normal resolution digital images. In today’s real world, we all want to share on social media! I get it – I do, too. But I’m also realistic – and for me, pictures on social media aren’t enough! I just consolidated my photos and videos from my smartphone from the last 14 years.  And I have 52,872 photos and 1,883 videos, which take up 350GB of space on my hard drive. And that’s just my own personal “home photos and movies” – that doesn’t include pictures I’ve taken for clients.

How often do I REALLY go through and look at those 52,872 photos?  Really?!

I probably do when there is a graduation, 50th birthday party or other life milestone event. I created a custom collage on a canvas gallery wrap for my sister’s 50th birthday. We just had family photos done to celebrate my dad’s 80th birthday! And, I created another custom collage for my niece’s birthday this summer- a present from Aunt Lisa and Uncle Todd. Now THOSE photos will be seen and enjoyed – because they are HANGING ON A WALL!  But otherwise, I rarely go through and just peruse my photos!

That’s also why I believe the “family photographer” will continue to be a needed service in our communities. I want to take photos and create memories for people that will be enjoyed for years to come. Yes, we all have smartphones and take our own pictures. But, like me, most of those sit on our phones or “in the cloud” and aren’t really enjoyed for what they are worth – memories! For people who really appreciate the lasting value of photographic art, there will always be a need for a professional photographer. And that’s why I love what I do!

I’d love to chat with you about telling your story with my lens. Let’s create some magic together so you have family memories to share….


custom collage for family

Aunt Lisa and Uncle Todd created this collage for our niece, using family photos. Otherwise, these would all be stuck on our phones or in the cloud…

custom collage for family

When my sister turned 50, I collected pictures for a custom collage.  This was almost 5 years ago, so some of these had to be scanned – we aren’t from the “digital generation!” I love putting together these collages for milestone birthdays. It reminds us of who we are and how much we are loved!