Stepping Back from Client Work

Starting June 1 2021, I’m stepping back from my commercial (client) work in my studio to focus on art. I’m calling this my year long artistic & spiritual sabbatical and renewal retreat. I want to study art, explore art therapy and artivism, collaborate with others and create art. I love playing with light, shadows, colors, nature and the male nude form.

My last all day workshop with Thom Rouse broke open my creative spirit and gave me a vision for how I can play with my artistic side and I want to run with it for awhile without being distracted.

What will I be doing?!

I will keep doing studio headshots on a small scale as a way to keep an external connection and give back to the community. I’ll refer out any family or senior shoots to my network of professional photographers.

I want to play with personal projects, dudeoir art, and storytelling for Celebrate UU – that’s all part of my art therapy and artivism. I will also keep doing PPA competitions as a way of strengthening my craft by earning my master of photography degree.

Being vs. Doing

I’ve been “doing photography” – I’m ready to “be an artist.”